Huisheng Yang

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Chromium oxide coatings are chemically inert, have high mechanical strength, hardness and good optical characteristics; therefore, they have been widely used in many applications including corrosion protection, wear resistance, electronics, and optics. Cr2O3 is well suited for wear resistance applications, as it is one of the hardest oxides with 29.5 GPa(More)
The preferred growth orientation of the sputtered lead selenide (PbSe) thin films on Si(100) substrates was thermodynamically simulated and calculated on the basis of the density functional theory. The results showed that the total free energy variation during the grain growth is dominated by the interface and strain energy minimization under certain(More)
Morphology, structure, residual stress, and surface energy of magnetron-sputtered titanium nitride (TiN) thin films, deposited at 300 C with a thickness in the 0.5-1.7 lm range, were characterized. Film microstructure, the origin of residual stress, and its effect on the surface energy were analyzed. The grain size increased with the film thickness. X-ray(More)
Ti/AlTiN/Ti-diamondlike carbon (DLC) composite coatings were deposited by midfrequency magnetron sputtering and Hall ion source-assisted deposition on high-speed steel W18Cr4V substrates. The coating microstructure and mechanical properties, including hardness, elastic modulus, coefficient of friction, and wear properties were investigated by scanning(More)
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