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The elongation factor Tu (EF-Tu) receptor (EFR) in cruciferous plants specifically recognizes the N-terminal acetylated elf18 region of bacterial EF-Tu and thereby activates plant immunity. It has been demonstrated that Arabidopsis EFR confers broad-spectrum bacterial resistance in the EFR transgenic solanaceous plants. Here, the transgenic rice plants(More)
HER2/HER3 dimerization resulting from overexpression of HER2 or neuregulin (NRG1) in cancer leads to HER3-mediated oncogenic activation of phosphoinositide 3-kinase (PI3K) signaling. Although ligand-blocking HER3 antibodies inhibit NRG1-driven tumor growth, they are ineffective against HER2-driven tumor growth because HER2 activates HER3 in a(More)
Phosphoinositide-3-kinase (PI3K)-α inhibitors have shown clinical activity in squamous cell carcinomas (SCCs) of head and neck (H&N) bearing PIK3CA mutations or amplification. Studying models of therapeutic resistance, we have observed that SCC cells that become refractory to PI3Kα inhibition maintain PI3K-independent activation of the mammalian target of(More)
In this work, Mn-MOF-74 with hollow spherical structure and Co-MOF-74 with petal-like shape have been prepared successfully via the hydrothermal method. The catalysts were characterized using X-ray diffraction (XRD), Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), thermogravimetry-mass spectrum analysis (TG-MS), N2 adsorption/desorption, scanning electron(More)
OBJECTIVE Since 1986, the reference of birth weight for gestational age has not been updated. The aim of this study was to set up Chinese neonatal network to investigate the current situation of birth weight in China, especially preterm birth weight, to develop the new reference for birth weight for gestational age and birth weight curve. METHOD A(More)
Bacterial flagellins are often recognized by the receptor kinase FLAGELLIN SENSITIVE2 (FLS2) and activate MAMP-triggered immunity in dicotyledonous plants. However, the capacity of monocotyledonous rice to recognize flagellins of key rice pathogens and its biological relevance remain poorly understood. We demonstrate that ectopically expressed OsFLS2 in(More)
An appropriate coding method that can reduce the error rate of communication system is especially important to the free space optical communication. STBC (space-time block code) is an orthogonal encoding method integrating space domain and time domain. The technology can combat fading effectively and improve error rate performance. In this paper, first, an(More)
BACKGROUND The genetic polymorphisms of glutathione S-transferase (GSTs) have been suspected to be related to the development of lung cancer while the current results are conflicting, especially in the Chinese population. METHODS Data on genetic polymorphisms of glutathione S-transferase Mu 1 (GSTM1) from 68 studies, glutathione S-transferase theta 1(More)
ETHNOPHARMACOLOGICAL RELEVANCE The herbal decoction is a complex dispersion system containing solutes, colloid, aggregates, emulsions and precipitates. In which phase bioactive phytochemicals are dispersed determines their delivery, action and metabolism. This study took ephedrine, a well-studied and widely used phytochemical, as an example to elucidate its(More)
Umbilicaria esculenta as a traditional food is known to have many pharmacological activities, such as cholesterol synthesis inhibition, anti-inflammation and anti-tumor. The antithrombotic activities of UEP isolated from the lichen were examined in vitro and in vivo for the first time. The in vitro anticoagulant activity of UEP was tested by its PT, APTT(More)