Huiqin Liu

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For double threshold energy detection of cooperative spectrum sensing in cognitive radio, which needs transfer much communication traffic and increases channel bandwidth and energy consumption of cognitive radio network, so an optimizational method is presented for the question in this paper. Depended on the detection probability of the network, while(More)
In this paper, operator-based robust perfect control for nonlinear semiconductor refrigeration device with uncertainties is considered. For the research about the properties of the semiconductor refrigeration, an aluminum plate with Peltier device is very representative. So, the perfect tracking control performance is studied by using this device. The(More)
In order to improve the sensing performance for cognitive radio, this paper proposes a spectrum sensing method based on Gabor transform. Firstly, a continuous-time signal is transformed into a discrete-time signal, then, the discrete-time signal is converted into Gabor transform by over-sampling. Secondly, the Gabor transform coefficient of the(More)
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