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We propose a novel image fusion algorithm which involves nonsubsampled shearlet transform (NSST) and morphological component analysis (MCA). The source images are decomposed into several subbands of different scales and directions by NSST. MCA is performed on the low-pass subbands to extract more salient features, and then, the separated cartoonparts and(More)
LadA, a monooxygenase catalyzing the oxidation of n-alkanes to 1-alkanols, is the key enzyme for the degradation of long-chain alkanes (C15–C36) in Geobacillus thermodenitrificans NG80-2. In this study, random- and site-directed mutagenesis were performed to enhance the activity of the enzyme. By screening 7,500 clones from random-mutant libraries for(More)
OBJECTIVE To develop an expanded pan-ethnic preconception carrier genetic screening test for use in assisted reproductive technology (ART) patients and donors. DESIGN Retrospective analysis of results obtained from 2,570 analyses. SETTING Reproductive genetic laboratory. PATIENT(S) The 2,570 samples comprised 1,170 individuals from the gamete donor(More)
Compressed sensing (CS)-based methods have been proposed for image reconstruction from undersampled magnetic resonance data. Recently, CS-based schemes using reference images have also been proposed to further reduce the sampling requirement. In this study, we propose a new reference-constrained CS reconstruction method that accounts for the misalignment(More)
The problem of reconstructing an MR image from limited (and sparsely sampled) k-space data in the presence of a reference image occurs in various applications, including interventional imaging and dynamic contrast-enhanced imaging. This paper addresses the problem using a dictionary composed of three types of basis functions: reference-weighted harmonic(More)
In this paper, we propose a reference driven magnetic resonance (MR) image reconstruction method inspired by compressed sensing (CS) theory. The target MR image is formulated as a linear combination of a motion compensated reference image and a difference image. Both the global and the local deformations are estimated to enhance the sparsity of the(More)
In this paper, a novel approach based on compressive sensing and chaos is proposed for simultaneously compressing, fusing and encrypting multi-modal images. The sparsely represented source images are firstly measured with the key-controlled pseudo-random measurement matrix constructed using logistic map, which reduces the data to be processed and realizes(More)
Recently, exponential B-spline functions have been demonstrated as a new bridge between discrete and continuous time signal. In this paper, we propose an imaging resizing algorithm which exploits the merits of exponential B-spline functions. The theoretical background is introduced, and the analysis and synthesis filter are deduced. The main advantage of(More)