Huiping Liu

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Landuse change in metropolitan areas is largely focused on the dynamic nature of urban landuse change. In this research, a spatial statistical model was used to support decision-making with regard to urban growth predictions in the urban fringe of Beijing, China. The model adopted in this study was based on the integration of remote sensing, geographical(More)
Keywords: Multi-temporal segmentation Land cover changed object Change indicators Segmentation scale Chi-square transformation a b s t r a c t Land cover change information is crucial to analyse the process and the change patterns of environments and ecological systems. Recent studies have incorporated object-based image analysis for its ability to generate(More)
Entity matching that aims at finding some records belonging to the same real-world objects has been studied for decades. In order to avoid verifying every pair of records in a massive data set, a common method, known as the blocking-based method, tends to select a small proportion of record pairs for verification with a far lower cost than O(n 2), where n(More)
This paper presents a new perspective of national power—sustainable national power (SNP)—emphasizing both the traditional comprehensive national power (CNP) and social and environmental sustainability. We propose a measurement to quantify the SNP based on the measurement of comprehensive national power and a sustainable adjusted index. In addition,(More)
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