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Human breast tumors contain a breast cancer stem cell (BCSC) population with properties reminiscent of normal stem cells. We found 37 microRNAs that were differentially expressed between human BCSCs and nontumorigenic cancer cells. Three clusters, miR-200c-141, miR-200b-200a-429, and miR-183-96-182 were downregulated in human BCSCs, normal human and murine(More)
The emerging role of microRNAs (miRNAs) in the epigenetic regulation of many cellular processes has become recognized in both basic research and translational medicine as an important way that gene expression can be fine-tuned. Breast cancer is the most frequent cancer in women, with about one million new cases diagnosed each year worldwide. Starting with(More)
Most cancer patients die as a result of metastasis, thus it is important to understand the molecular mechanisms of dissemination, including intra- and extravasation. Although the mechanisms of extravasation have been vastly studied in vitro and in vivo, the process of intravasation is still unclear. Furthermore, how cells in the tumor microenvironment(More)
Landuse change in metropolitan areas is largely focused on the dynamic nature of urban landuse change. In this research, a spatial statistical model was used to support decision-making with regard to urban growth predictions in the urban fringe of Beijing, China. The model adopted in this study was based on the integration of remote sensing, geographical(More)
Oligometastasis is a clinically distinct subset of metastasis characterized by a limited number of metastases potentially curable with localized therapies. We analyzed pathways targeted by microRNAs over-expressed in clinical oligometastasis samples and identified suppression of cellular adhesion, invasion, and motility pathways in association with the(More)
With the development of global changes, researchers from all over the world attach attention to land use changes increasingly, and large scale land use changes which have resulted from urban expansion catch people's eyes. In this paper, urban expansion and their spatial and temporal variability of the Beijing city has been studied over a period of 21 years(More)
s u m m a r y This paper presents a modeling approach to simulate runoff and soil erosion at the small watersheds of the Three-Gorge Reservoir drainage area in China by using limited plot data on runoff-soil erosion. The approach coupled the empirical relationships between soil loss and runoff. This relationship is derived from the experimental plots under(More)
Laccases have been used for the decolorization and detoxification of synthetic dyes due to their ability to oxidize a wide variety of dyes with water as the sole byproduct. A putative laccase gene (LacTT) from Thermus thermophilus SG0.5JP17-16 was screened using the genome mining approach, and it was highly expressed in Pichia pastoris, yielding a high(More)
Adsorption–desorption of iodine in two forms, viz., iodide (I−) and iodate (IO 3 − ), in three types of soil were investigated. The soils were: red soil developed on Quaternary red earths (REQ)— clayey, kaolintic thermic plinthite Aquult, Inceptisol soil (IS) and alluvial soil (AS)—Fluvio-marine yellow loamy soil. The isothermal curves of iodine adsorption(More)
Keywords: Multi-temporal segmentation Land cover changed object Change indicators Segmentation scale Chi-square transformation a b s t r a c t Land cover change information is crucial to analyse the process and the change patterns of environments and ecological systems. Recent studies have incorporated object-based image analysis for its ability to generate(More)