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Ecological risk assessment (ERA) is a new field of study for evaluating the risks associated with a possible eco-environmental hazard under uncertainty. Regional ERA is more complex than general ERA, as it requires that risk receptors, risk sources, risk exposure, uncertainty and especially spatial heterogeneity all be taken into account. In this paper, a(More)
In this paper, we propose a more practical method for classifying users and predicting their locations based upon data generated from their daily routines. Instead of calculating the similarity between users, we propose a Routine Based Classification (RBC) method to calculate the similarity between routines, and use this value to find the neighbouring(More)
In literature, most scheduling models are developed using mathematics method such as programming model or graphic model such as Petri net. Although they are efficient in computing, they are difficult to be built and understood by the industry users. In order to make the scheduling model more capable and practical for industry use, a new scheduling model(More)
Enterprise cooperation is a critical issue to improve the companypsilas competition capability nowadays. The business cooperation modeling has been received a lot of attention due to its importance. The effort can be classified into two types: cooperation process description and implementation-oriented modeling. The business description is usually easier(More)
Location-aware systems have attracted much attention from academic and industrial users. Location detection or positioning devices are required in order to get location information. Bluetooth is often used to detect the users’ location in indoor location-aware applications. This paper integrates the Blip devices, which are based on Bluetooth(More)
AIMS Macropinocytosis has been implicated in cardiovascular and other disorders, yet physiological factors that initiate fluid-phase internalization and the signaling mechanisms involved remain poorly identified. The present study was designed to examine whether matrix protein thrombospondin-1 (TSP1) stimulates macrophage macropinocytosis and, if so, to(More)
Cigarette production scheduling is vital in improving production efficiency and reducing supply delay. In this paper, a workflow model combined with an immune algorithm is proposed to solve this problem for improving production efficiency. First, the problem is formulated as a mixed-integer quadratically constrained programming model. Afterwards, the(More)
With the development of Service-Oriented Technologies, the amount of Web services grows rapidly. Situation awareness, as a very important computing paradigm which can provide more reasonable and complete representation of the user's environment, can be benefit to the discovering of the service user's requirement. Therefore in this paper, we explore to use(More)