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An efficient down/upsampling method to compress a depth map efficiently within the high-efficiency video coding (HEVC) framework is presented. A different edge-preserving depth upsampling method is proposed by using both the texture and depth information. We take into account the edge similarity between depth maps and their corresponding texture images as(More)
View synthesis technology generates virtual views for display and high quality virtual view is of significantimportance to free-viewpoint TV (FTV) and three dimensional video(3DV). This paper proposes a novel virtual view synthesis method in multi-view system based on multi-view plus depth. Firstly, we project two reference depth maps to the intermediate(More)
The depth image has greatly broadened various applications of computer vision, however, it is seldom explored in the field of salient object detection. In this paper, we propose a learning-based approach for extracting saliency from RGB-D images. For best fitting the contrast-based stimulus that guides the saliency search in human vision system, massive(More)