Huipeng Guo

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Service composition is fundamental in development of Web service oriented applications. Dependability of composite services is of significant importance since it directly impacts users' experience. However, dependability of a composite service may change over time as a result of inevitable changes in component services. In addition, users may also pose(More)
In recent years, many QoS-based web service selection methods have been proposed. However, as QoS changes dynamically, the atomic services of a composite web service could be replaced with other ones that have better quality. The performance of a composite web service will be decreased if this replacement happens frequently in runtime. Predicting the change(More)
Services composition technology provides a promising way to create new services in services-oriented architecture. However, some challenges are hindering the application of services composition. One of the major challenges encountered by composite services developer is how to effectively select a set of services across different autonomous regions (e.g.,(More)