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With the fast development of Internet and rapid acceptance of Web Service technology, more and more service resources have emerged. Service composition which integrates the functionalities of different services is a promising technique for developing applications across multiple organizations. However, in a distributed, dynamic and autonomous environment,(More)
Service composition is fundamental in development of Web service oriented applications. Dependability of composite services is of significant importance since it directly impacts users' experience. However, dependability of a composite service may change over time as a result of inevitable changes in component services. In addition, users may also pose(More)
In recent years, many QoS-based web service selection methods have been proposed. However, as QoS changes dynamically, the atomic services of a composite web service could be replaced with other ones that have better quality. The performance of a composite web service will be decreased if this replacement happens frequently in runtime. Predicting the change(More)
As the amount of Web services over the Internet grows continuously, these services can be interconnected to form a service overlay network (SON). On the basis of SON, building value-added services by service composition is an effective method to satisfy the changeable functional and non-functional QoS (quality of service) requirements of customers. However,(More)
With the rapid development of SOC (Service oriented computing), the automated service composition has become an important research direction. Through automated service composition, business processes need not to be constructed in advance, which helps to improve the flexibility of service composition. The current research on automated service composition is(More)
How to compose existing web services automatically and to guarantee the correctness of the design (e.g. freeness of deadlock and unspecified reception, and temporal constraints) is an important and challenging problem in web services. Most existing approaches require a detailed specification of the desired behaviors of a composite service beforehand and(More)
Services composition technology provides a promising way to create new services in services-oriented architecture. However, some challenges are hindering the application of services composition. One of the major challenges encountered by composite services developer is how to effectively select a set of services across different autonomous regions (e.g.,(More)
For the development of network applications across multiple organizations, Service composition has been widely accepted as a promising technique. However, the atomic services are generally dynamic and distributed over the Internet, how to guarantee the adaptiablity capability in such open environment has become an important issue. In this paper, we address(More)