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Temperature and humidity are two highly coupled variables in a control system, which need to be decoupled for effective control. Moreover, the coupling problem may get more severe and the two control loops may produce a strong interference to each other that can cause system instability when the humidity is measured by dry-and-wet bulb method. In this(More)
There are studies indicate that audible sound wave could have effects on propagation growth through catalyzing hearing sense organs, which would bring a series of physiological and biological chemistry reaction. The soundpressure level and frequency are important factors in propagation growth. In this study, an experimental system of audio generator was(More)
It has been reported in the literature that exposure of microalgae cells to audible sound could promote growth. This study examined the effect of sound waves with the frequency of 1100 Hz, 2200 Hz, and 3300 Hz to stimulate the biomass productivity of an Oklahoma native strain, Picochlorum oklahomensis (PO). The effect of the frequency of sound on biomass(More)
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