Huimin Xiao

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—A new approach for image segmentation based on visual attention mechanism is proposed. Motivated biologically, this approach simulates the bottom-up human visual selective attention mechanism, extracts early vision features of the image and constructs the saliency map. Multiple image features such as intensity, color and orientation in multiple scales are(More)
Regions of interest (ROI) usually means the meaningful and important regions in the images. The use of ROI can avoid the processing of irrevelent image points and accelerate the processing. Extraction of regions of interest from images is an important and unsolved topic in the image processing area, especially in biomedical image processing area. In this(More)
Computational model of visual attention is very useful in image processing. It can improve the efficiency and save computational resource. A hierarchical computational model of visual attention based on multi-layer analysis is proposed in this paper. This model simulates the human visual attention mechanism using multi-layer data competition. Firstly,(More)
—Salient region detection in images is very useful for image processing applications like image compressing, image segmentation, object detection and recognition. In this paper, an improved approach to detect salient region is presented. The proposed method can generate a robust saliency map and extract salient regions with precise boundaries. In the(More)
—Computational model of visual attention has got more and more attention in machine vision and image processing. A hierarchical computational model for selective visual attention is proposed in this paper. This model simulates the attention mechanism from far (coarse) to near (fine) of human visual system. Firstly, the input image is analyzed at the(More)
Lines of waiting customers are always very long in most of banks. The essence of this phenomenon is the low efficiency of queuing system. In this paper, the queuing number, the service windows number and the optimal service rate are investigated by means of the queuing theory. In technology, the optimal problem of the bank queuing is solved. The time of(More)
Salient regions detection in the image is very useful for image processing. It can reduce the computational complexity of the process and save computation resource. Most of the methods compute the saliency based on feature integration theory. But different features have different contribution to the saliency in different images. A new feature integration(More)