Huimin Wen

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As a new dynamic real-time traffic information collecting technique, floating car system is being paid more and more attention in the area of transportation. Based on the actual data condition of Beijing, this paper puts forward a processing flow method for real-time floating car system applied to modern metropolises with complex urban road network. And a(More)
Traditional evaluation method of network connectivity reliability recognizes the road connectivity condition by using the Two-value Approach. This method makes the calculation increase with the index growth rate when the link numbers increase and is hard to apply in the high-density urban road network. Based on the relationship between the segment condition(More)
To evaluate the reliability of the road network, the paper designed a mathematic model of travel time reliability index. Using the travel time reliability index, the paper analyzed the temporal and spatial distribution characteristics of Beijing road network reliability based on the floating car data. The results show that the travel time reliability is the(More)
Observations of sensors are modeled as mixed signals in multiple targets scenario. Each element of mixing matrix represents the power decay of a pair of target and sensor, and each column preserves the waveform formed by the corresponding target respectively. Making use of blind estimation algorithms, we get the estimation of mixing matrix. Target locations(More)
Single traffic flow parameters such as speed, volume and density cannot give a better picture of congestion in itself. And broad, general performance measures are always limited by data absence. As the widespread using of GPS devices, floating car data can be collected as a key data source of congestion performance measures with large sample size, wide(More)
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