Huimin Jiao

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Compared with trajectory-based verification, force signal verification is a new approach in signature verification, which is expected to provide higher security. In order to understand which components of force signal is significant in force pattern, a novel pen is developed to detect threedimensional force between pen-tip and the paper. Experiments are(More)
Detecting the boundary of television screen is the basis of content identification for human-computer interaction. Uncertainty exists in TV video image which is captured by mobile phone because of the resolution, color, brightness, background. The reduction of image quality leads to inaccurate identification. We propose a method based on the feature of TV's(More)
In function-based signature verification system, a robust template is critical to achieve high performance. In this paper, a two-staged selection method for template construction is proposed for function-based approach. At the first stage, the representative reference is selected for signature training before template constructed. From this reference, an(More)
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