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We propose a novel discriminative learning approach to image set classification by modeling the image set with its natural second-order statistic, i.e. covariance matrix. Since nonsingular covariance matrices, a.k.a. symmetric positive definite (SPD) matrices, lie on a Riemannian manifold, classical learning algorithms cannot be directly utilized to(More)
BACKGROUND The relationship between ambient air pollution exposure and mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases in human is controversial, and there is little information about how exposures to ambient air pollution contribution to the mortality of cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases among Chinese. The aim of the present study was to(More)
In computer vision problems such as pair matching, only binary information ‘same’ or ‘different’ label for pairs of images is given during training. This is in contrast to classification problems, where the category labels of training images are provided. We propose a unified discriminative dictionary learning approach for both pair matching and multiclass(More)
The problem of face identification has received significant attention over the years. For a given probe face, the goal of face identification is to match this unknown face against a gallery of known people. Due to the availability of large amounts of data acquired in a variety of conditions, techniques that are both robust to uncontrolled acquisition(More)
In this perspective we introduce the basic photophysics of the excited-state intramolecular proton transfer (ESIPT) chromophores, then the state-of-the-art development of the ESIPT chromophores and their applications in chemosensors, biological imaging and white-light emitting materials are summarized. Most of the applications of the ESIPT chromophores are(More)
BACKGROUND AND AIM To investigate the effectiveness of peroral endoscopic myotomy (POEM) surgery in achalasia patients with failure of prior pneumatic dilation (PD). METHODS Twenty-one patients with a history of failed PD were prospectively recruited as the case group, and 30 patients with no history of prior treatment for achalasia were included as the(More)
Multidrug resistance is a major obstacle in the treatment of gastric cancer. The underlying mechanisms of this phenomenon have not been well understood. Accumulating evidence indicates that Stat3 plays an important role in tumorigenesis of various primary cancers and cancer cell lines by upregulating cell survival proteins and downregulating tumor(More)
Insect double-stranded (ds)RNA expression in transgenic crops can increase plant resistance to biotic stress; however, creating transgenic crops to defend against every insect pest is impractical. Arabidopsis Mob1A is required for organ growth and reproduction. When Arabidopsis roots were soaked in dsMob1A, the root lengths and numbers were significantly(More)
With the goal of matching unknown faces against a gallery of known people, the face identification task has been studied for several decades. There are very accurate techniques to perform face identification in controlled environments, particularly when large numbers of samples are available for each face. However, face identification under uncontrolled(More)
Phot proteins are homologs of the blue-light receptor phototropin. We report a comparative study of the photocycles of the isolated, light-sensitive domains LOV1 and LOV2 from Chlamydomonas reinhardtii phot protein, as well as the construct LOV1/2 containing both domains. Transient absorption measurements revealed a short lifetime of the LOV2-wt triplet(More)