Huiling Shi

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Model checking is an important technique for ensuring the correctness of investigated system. However, the model checking tools subject to the state-space explosion problem, which is an ignored hurdle to the practical application of the technique. This paper presents a case study of model checking the business flow of retail banking System, through an(More)
The virtual machine (VM) placement is an important problem of cloud data center resource management. There have been many research efforts to address this problem. However, existing research is mainly concerned with single objective such as the number of the physical machine (PM) used, and few research consider the resource utilization rate of PM's(More)
When doing test activities using TTCN-3, achieving Codec needs testers to write a lot of codes. In order to reduce testing cost, this paper proposes a method to automatically generate Codec. The method firstly defines an abstract model for TTCN-3 test suites, TTCN-3 type tree, and then, we issue the method contains three algorithms, including the algorithm(More)
With the development of the information technology, using Internet to pay for goods and services has become a very popular application. The traditional forms of payment can not be applied to e-commerce environment. Because of the complexity of online transactions related to capital flows and goods flows, the transaction process requires higher security and(More)
Software quality evaluation is complicated, and the major existing evaluation methods are too subjective in weight setting. In this paper, a synthesized evaluation method based on rough set theory is presented. This method converts the weight determination of fuzzy synthesized evaluation into the calculation of the importance of attributes in rough set(More)
This study was to analysis the correlation between genetic polymorphisms in antioxidant enzyme genes and the susceptibility factors to hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC) using meta analysis. Electronic searches were conducted in Pubmed, Embase and Cochrane library. Retrieval keywords included antioxidant enzyme, superoxide dismutases, catalase, glutathione(More)
The reliable information distribution service has turned into an significant component of prevailing Internet information system, which carries out various kinds of information systems’ basic roles including information sharing, document transport, on-line education and distant medical conference. However, the cloud computing technologies have been speedily(More)
In order to overcome the subjectivity on weight allocation of the traditional evaluation methods in e-commerce software quality evaluation, based on the object classification capability of rough set theory, the paper presents a completely data-driven e-commerce software quality evaluation method using measurement methods of knowledge dependence and(More)