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BACKGROUND After the recent cloning of light-sensitive ion channels and their expression in mammalian cells, a new field, optogenetics, emerged in neuroscience, allowing for precise perturbations of neural circuits by light. However, functionality of optogenetic tools has not been fully explored outside neuroscience, and a nonviral, nonembryogenesis-based(More)
BACKGROUND Many studies have already reported encouraging results in the prophylactic therapy of migraine by acupuncture, but there seems to be a lack of high quality randomized controlled trials from China. We design and perform a randomized controlled clinical trial to evaluate the efficacy of acupuncture compared with flunarizine in the prophylactic(More)
BACKGROUND Stroke is one of the leading causes of death and disability in China. Current treatments for stroke are limited and achieve no optimal effect. Acupuncture is widely used in the treatment of stroke and in improving the quality of life for patients in China. In most previous clinical studies, the effects of acupuncture have been diverse, and few(More)
Background. Acupuncture has been shown to reduce spasticity and prevent the onset of spasticity after stroke. The purpose of this study is to assess the effect of "Deqi" during needling "Wang's Jiaji" acupoints treating spasticity in the early stage of stroke. Methods. This study is a multicenter, prospective, randomized, controlled trial. 238 patients with(More)
The melanoma differentiation-associated gene-7(mda-7), IL-24, has the specific functions that induce cancer cell apoptosis without doing harm to normal cells. We systematically review the apoptotic signal pathways and their regulatory mechanisms induced by Ad.IL-24 and IL-24 in diverse cancer cells. IL-24 can participate in varied signal transduction(More)
INTRODUCTION Ginger-salt-indirect moxibustion is widely applied to treat urge urinary incontinence after stroke, which is a common complication in stroke survivors. Moxa cone moxibustion and moxa box moxibustion are the main techniques of ginger-salt-indirect moxibustion. Our previous study had shown that ginger-salt-indirect moxibustion using moxa cones(More)
INTRODUCTION Neurogenic bladder is one of the most common complications following spinal cord injury (SCI). In China, acupuncture therapy is a common treatment for neurogenic bladder due to SCI, but its effects and safety remain uncertain. A protocol is described for a systematic review to investigate the beneficial effects and safety of acupuncture for(More)
A way to deal with the rule-explosion problem is to use the hierarchical fuzzy systems. In this paper, the hierarchical fuzzy system is constructed first and the property of the hierarchical system is discussed. Then the error properties of the polynomial and hierarchical polynomial are given. Based on these properties, the universal approximation property(More)
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