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The photothermal conversion of CO2 provides a straightforward and effective method for the highly efficient production of solar fuels with high solar-light utilization efficiency. This is due to several crucial features of the Group VIII nanocatalysts, including effective energy utilization over the whole range of the solar spectrum, excellent photothermal(More)
Au induced visible-light photocatalytic performance is, for the first time, demonstrated to be effectively enhanced by a proper construction of a junction nanostructure. A study of the ˙O2(-) and H2O2 radicals indicates the efficient electron transfer across the Au-SrTiO3-TiO2 composite facilitated by the junction effect is responsible for the enhancement,(More)
A hybrid method which combines the finite element and boundary integral methods (FE-BI) for simulating electromagnetic radiation of antennas is presented. The method not only can correctly model the boundary conditions, but also can deal with complex geometry and material structure. The matrixes formed from FEM are sparse, and the boundary integral method(More)
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