Huiliang Li

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The chaotic characteristics of cellular automata are analyzed simply and the fractal box dimensions of cellular automata are computed. Based on the box dimensions, one can choose chaotic cellular automata to scramble digital image as a pretreatment for the watermarking process. Experimental results show that watermark images embedded by this technique are(More)
The hedgehog signal pathway is an essential agent in developmental patterning, wherein the local concentration of the Hedgehog morphogens directs cellular differentiation and expansion. Furthermore, the Hedgehog pathway has been implicated in tumor/stromal interaction and cancer stem cell. Nowadays searching novel inhibitors for Hedgehog Signal Pathway is(More)
(S)-Tetrahydroberberine [(S)-THB] oxidase is the last enzyme of benzylisoquinoline alkaloids pathway which catalyzes the dehydrogenation of four hydrogen atoms of (S)-THB to produce berberine, the final step of berberine biosynthesis. A (S)-THB gene, designated as Cs(S)-THBO (Genbank accession No. HQ393909), was cloned from a Corydalis saxicola cDNA library(More)
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