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Circulating tumor cell clusters (CTC clusters) are present in the blood of patients with cancer but their contribution to metastasis is not well defined. Using mouse models with tagged mammary tumors, we demonstrate that CTC clusters arise from oligoclonal tumor cell groupings and not from intravascular aggregation events. Although rare in the circulation(More)
Prostate cancer is initially responsive to androgen deprivation, but the effectiveness of androgen receptor (AR) inhibitors in recurrent disease is variable. Biopsy of bone metastases is challenging; hence, sampling circulating tumor cells (CTCs) may reveal drug-resistance mechanisms. We established single-cell RNA-sequencing (RNA-Seq) profiles of 77 intact(More)
Cancer cells metastasize through the bloodstream either as single migratory circulating tumor cells (CTCs) or as multicellular groupings (CTC clusters). Existing technologies for CTC enrichment are designed to isolate single CTCs, and although CTC clusters are detectable in some cases, their true prevalence and significance remain to be determined. Here we(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are shed from primary tumors into the bloodstream, mediating the hematogenous spread of cancer to distant organs. To define their composition, we compared genome-wide expression profiles of CTCs with matched primary tumors in a mouse model of pancreatic cancer, isolating individual CTCs using epitope-independent microfluidic(More)
Circulating tumor cells (CTCs) are present at low concentrations in the peripheral blood of patients with solid tumors. It has been proposed that the isolation, ex vivo culture, and characterization of CTCs may provide an opportunity to noninvasively monitor the changing patterns of drug susceptibility in individual patients as their tumors acquire new(More)
Surface-capping agents play key roles in cellular uptake and biological activity of functional nanomaterials. In the present study, functionalized selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs) have been successfully synthesized using Polyporus rhinocerus water-soluble polysaccharide-protein complexes (PRW) as the capping agent during the reduction of selenium salts. The(More)
The primary industry has achieved growth after a short-term decline since the implementation of the Grain for Green project in Ansai County. Relatively rapid growth has been achieved in the secondary industry owning to fast development of the petroleum industry. The tertiary industry has developed fast and tends to continue developing. Both the gross(More)
OBJECTIVE This paper adopts advanced information technology to manage medical supplies, in order to improve the medical supplies management level and reduce material cost. METHODS It develops a Medical Supplies Management System with B/S and C/S mixed structure, optimizing material management process, building large equipment performance evaluation model,(More)
There has been a decrease in area of arable land,total sown area and area of arable land per capita since the implementation of grain for green project in Ansai County. However, the grain yield per unit area and the total grain output have tended to increase owing to favorable measures taken, such as adjustment of planting structure, increase of investment(More)
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