Huili Ma

Donghui Xu1
Jun Wei1
Conghai Zhao1
1Donghui Xu
1Jun Wei
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It is expected in this paper to investigate the existence and uniqueness of positive solution for the following difference equation: -Δ(2) u(t - 1) = f(t, u(t)) + g(t, u(t)), t ∈ ℤ 1,  T , subject to boundary conditions either u(0) - βΔu(0) = 0, u(T + 1) = αu(η) or Δu(0) = 0, u(T + 1) = αu(η), where 0 < α < 1, β > 0,  and η ∈ ℤ 2,T-1. The proof of the main(More)
Sciatic nerve tissue was obtained from the gluteus maximus muscle segment of normal human cadavers and amniotic membrane tissue was obtained from healthy human puerperant placentas. Both tissues were analyzed for their stress relaxation and creep properties to determine suitability for transplantation applications. Human amniotic membrane and sciatic nerve(More)
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