Huili Gong

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Beijing city, capital of China, has experienced a rapid urban expansion over the past two decades due to accelerated economic growth. The fast urban spatial expansion has led to the substitution of the natural vegetation-dominated land surfaces by impervious materials. This has a significant impact on the ecosystem on a local to global scale. Therefore, a(More)
Urban tree species mapping is an important prerequisite to understanding the value of urban vegetation in ecological services. In this study, we explored the potential of bi-temporal WorldView-2 (WV2, acquired on 14 September 2012) and WorldView-3 images (WV3, acquired on 18 October 2014) for identifying five dominant urban tree species with the(More)
Wetland plant rhizosphere microorganisms play a significant role in the purification of ecological restoration of reclaimed water replenishment wetlands. In this study, water quality discriminant analysis indicated the wetland had a distinctive role in the purification of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), and nitrate (NO3 −) from reclaimed water,(More)
1 : This study built a model with DVI, which is computed by near-infrared and red bands of SPOT-5 image, and observed concentration of PM 10 (inhalable particulate matter) to retrieve concentration of PM 10 in SPOT-5 image of Beijing urban acquired in 2007. Spatial distribution trends of PM 10 are basically identical between retrieved result and observed(More)
Land surface albedo data with high spatio-temporal resolution are increasingly important for scientific studies addressing spatially and/or temporally small-scale phenomena, such as urban heat islands and urban land surface energy balance. Our previous study derived albedo data with 2–4-day and 30-m temporal and spatial resolution that have better(More)
Focusing on high-resolution satellite images, the paper proposed a method for shadow detection that based on the object-oriented method and the characteristic components. The components such as the color invariant C3, the brightness I, the first principal component PC1 and RATIOb_nir were computed by analyzing the spectral feature of shadows to highlight(More)