Huili Gong

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Beijing city, capital of China, has experienced a rapid urban expansion over the past two decades due to accelerated economic growth. The fast urban spatial expansion has led to the substitution of the natural vegetation-dominated land surfaces by impervious materials. This has a significant impact on the ecosystem on a local to global scale. Therefore, a(More)
Extracting watershed features from DEM (Digital Elevation Model) is a very important task in Hydrologic study, and also it is the pre-process of hydrological simulation analysis. This paper introduces a very useful method for Hydrological simulation analysis based on extracting watershed features from DEM using Arc Hydro Tools. Arc Hydro is a geospatial(More)
Urban tree species mapping is an important prerequisite to understanding the value of urban vegetation in ecological services. In this study, we explored the potential of bi-temporal WorldView-2 (WV2, acquired on 14 September 2012) and WorldView-3 images (WV3, acquired on 18 October 2014) for identifying five dominant urban tree species with the(More)
Wetland plant rhizosphere microorganisms play a significant role in the purification of ecological restoration of reclaimed water replenishment wetlands. In this study, water quality discriminant analysis indicated the wetland had a distinctive role in the purification of total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP), and nitrate (NO3 −) from reclaimed water,(More)
1 : This study built a model with DVI, which is computed by near-infrared and red bands of SPOT-5 image, and observed concentration of PM 10 (inhalable particulate matter) to retrieve concentration of PM 10 in SPOT-5 image of Beijing urban acquired in 2007. Spatial distribution trends of PM 10 are basically identical between retrieved result and observed(More)