Huili Chen

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This paper discusses multimodal affect detection from a fusion of facial expressions and interaction features derived from students' interactions with an educational game in the noisy real-world context of a computer-enabled classroom. Log data of students' interactions with the game and face videos from 133 students were recorded in a computer-enabled(More)
Since human aging is hard to study experimentally due to long lifespan and ethical constraints, current "ground truth" knowledge about human aging has mostly been <i>predicted</i> computationally or statistically by transferring the knowledge from well-studied model species via sequence homology or by studying human gene expression data. Since genes, i.e.,(More)
Mind wandering (MW) is a ubiquitous phenomenon in which attention involuntarily shifts from task-related processing to task-unrelated thoughts. This study reports preliminary results of a video-based MW detector during film viewing. We collected training data in a study where participants self-reported when they caught themselves MW over the course of(More)
In this study, a mix inexact-quadratic fuzzy water resources management model of floodplain (IQT-WMMF) has developed, through incorporating techniques of credibility-constrained programming (CP), two-stage programming (TP), interval-parameter programming (IPP) and quadratic programming (QP) within a general framework for limited data availability. The(More)