Huilan Liu

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Resonator micro-optic gyro (RMOG) is a promising candidate for the next generation inertial rotation sensor based on the Sagnac effect. A current modulation technique used in an external cavity laser diode is proposed to construct the gyroscope system for the first time. The resonance curves before and after eliminating accompanying amplitude modulation are(More)
A method to suppress backreflection noise due to facet reflection in a resonator integrated optic gyro (RIOG) is demonstrated using hybrid phase-modulation technology (HPMT). First, calculations are carried out to evaluate the effect of the backreflection. Although its amplitude has been remarkably decreased by angle polishing, residual backreflection noise(More)
In resonator micro-optic gyros (RMOGs), the interference between the backreflection light beam of one pathway and the signal light beam of the other pathway deteriorates the gyro output waveforms, resulting in severe reduction in the gyro's accuracy. In this paper, an integer period sampling (IPS) method is introduced to minimize the sampling error caused(More)
The performance of the resonator integrated optic gyro (RIOG) is inevitably influenced by the intensity variation of the laser. In this work, the effect of intensity variation of the laser is mathematically formulized, analyzed, and experimentally validated, to our knowledge for the first time. First, the demodulated curves with different light intensities(More)
We present a graphene/Cu nanoparticle hybrids (G/CuNPs) system as a surface-enhanced Raman scattering (SERS) substrate for adenosine detection. The Cu nanoparticles wrapped by a monolayer graphene shell were directly synthesized on flat quartz by chemical vapor deposition in a mixture of methane and hydrogen. The G/CuNPs showed an excellent SERS enhancement(More)
The fiber ring resonator (FRR) is the key component of resonator fiber optic gyros (R-FOGs). The configuration of a novel hollow core photonic bandgap fiber (HC-PBF) ring resonator is proposed based on the usage of micro-optical structure. The normalized transfer function of such kind of FRR is derived, and the effects of different FRR parameters' on the(More)
For strain improvement, robust and scalable high-throughput cultivation systems as well as simple and rapid high-throughput detection methods are crucial. However, most of the screening methods for lactic acid bacteria (LAB) strains were conducted in shake flasks and detected by high-performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), making the screening program(More)
A method to suppress the polarization-fluctuation-induced drift in a resonator fiber-optic gyro is proposed in this paper. By inserting one in-line polarizer whose polarization extinction ratio is 30 dB into a polarization-maintaining fiber resonator with 0° polarization-axis splices, the unwanted resonance is introduced to high loss and therefore the ratio(More)
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