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—Using software agents as next generation flexible components and applying reuse technologies to rapidly construct agents and agent systems have great promise to improve application and system construction. The increasing complexity of software has made it necessary to reuse software. Reuse has increased the reliability of software applications and made it(More)
The techniques of path finding and its optimization are widely applied in the fields of game development, intelligent navigation, GIS and so on. We have pointed out the deficiency of A * algorithm by analyzing the algorithm based on heuristic search and combining with the field of game development. By the skill of flood filling and the potential field to(More)
The Compiler Construction Principles course is a core foundation stone in a computer science curriculum. The course features a combination of strong theoretical and practical. In order to help students understand the integral structure of compiler and master the complex principles and methods of compiler more easily, an assisted instruction software for(More)
With the development of Internet, distance education platforms are very popular in today's society, but there are quite a few problems existent, such as the inadequate utilization of network teaching resources and the lack of individuation of the existed distance education platforms. To solve these problems have become the key of designing a good distance(More)
Based on the Nearest Neighbor Algorithm, this paper introduces the Algorithm of Gradually Convergent and the Cross-wire Cutting, which according to gradually convergence of the path-changing and the principle of minimum path length variation respectively. Both of them optimize the algorithm of Optimal Hamilton Circuit in undirected complete graphs,(More)
Nowadays, intelligent teaching system can’t realize the function of individuation serve well. This paper introduces the technique of agent into intelligent teaching system, constructs an architecture of individuation Web-learning based on multi-agent, analyses the functions and working process of every agent in the architecture, and proposes a model(More)
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