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This paper reports a 1-mm/sup 2/, two-axis, single-crystalline-silicon (SCS)-based aluminum-coated scanning micromirror with large rotation angle (up to 40/spl deg/), which can be used in an endoscopic optical coherence tomography imaging system. The micromirror is fabricated using a deep reactive ion etch post-CMOS micromachining process. The static(More)
We present successful experimental results from the first lateral capacitive accelerometer to be designed and manufactured in a conventional CMOS process. Compatibility with conventional CMOS provides advantages of low cost, high yield and fast prototyping that should be transferable to any CMOS foundry. A fully differential capacitive-bridge interface(More)
A fiber-optic confocal microendoscope with MEMS scanners for both lateral and axial scan is presented. The MEMS 3D scan engine achieves a lateral scan range of over ± 26° with a 2D MEMS mirror and a depth scan of over 400 μm with a 1D MEMS tunable lens. Both 2D and 3D confocal images of micro-particles and acute rat brain tissue have(More)
This letter reports the design, fabrication, and operation of a microlens scanner that can perform large vertical scans at low actuation voltages. Photoresist (PR) reflow technique was used to form a 210-/spl mu/m-diameter PR microlens on a lens holder which is integrated with a large-vertical-displacement (LVD) microactuator. The lens holder is fabricated(More)
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