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The marine yeast strain Kodamea ohmeri BG3 isolated from the gut of a marine fish (Hexagrammes otakii) was found to secrete a large amount of phytase into the medium. The crude phytase produced by this marine yeast showed the highest activity at pH 5.0 and 65 degrees C. The optimal medium for phytase production contained oat 10.0 g/l, ammonium sulfate 15.0(More)
Syntrophic interaction occurs during anaerobic fermentation of organic substances forming methane as the final product. H2 and formate are known to serve as the electron carriers in this process. Recently, it has been shown that direct interspecies electron transfer (DIET) occurs for syntrophic CH4 production from ethanol and acetate. Here, we constructed(More)
The callose synthase (CalS) activity of membrane preparations from cultured Nicotiana alata Link & Otto pollen tubes is increased several-fold by treatment with trypsin in the presence of digitonin, possibly due to activation of an inactive (zymogen) form of the enzyme. Active and inactive forms of CalS are also present in stylar-grown tubes. Callose(More)
Using the set of Saccharomyces cerevisiae mutants individually deleted for 5718 yeast genes, we screened for altered sensitivity to the antifungal protein, K1 killer toxin, that binds to a cell wall beta-glucan receptor and subsequently forms lethal pores in the plasma membrane. Mutations in 268 genes, including 42 in genes of unknown function, had a(More)
Phylogenetic diversity of Fe(III)-reducing microorganisms in rice paddy soil: Enrichment cultures with different short-chain fatty acids as electron donors" (2011). 1 Introduction Rice is a staple food for more than 50% of the world's populations — http://beta.irri.org/index.php. In Asia, nearly 140,000,000 ha are cultivated paddy soils in 2008 —(More)
This paper describes a power conversion and data recovery system for a microwave powered sensor platform. A patch microwave antenna, a matching filter and a rectifier make the system frontend and implement the RF-to-DC conversion of power carrier. The efficiency of the power conversion is as high as 47% with an input power level 250 µW at 2.45 GHz.(More)
The cytoplasmic tail of Kre6p, a Golgi membrane protein involved in cell wall synthesis, interacts with the actin patch assembly components Las17p and Sla1p in a two-hybrid assay, and Kre6p co-immunoprecipitates with Las17p. Kre6p showed extensive co-localization with Och1p-containing cis-Golgi vesicles. The correct localization of Kre6p requires its(More)
— We present a novel numerical technique for the computation of a Lyapunov function for nonlinear systems with an asymptotically stable equilibrium point. Our proposed approach constructs a continuous piecewise affine (CPA) function given a suitable partition of the state space, called a triangulati-on, and values at the vertices of the triangulation. The(More)