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Event-related potential (ERP) is a basic,non-invasive method of electrophysiological investigation. It can be used to assess aspects of human cognitive information processing. Recordings of ERPs from normal individuals have played an increasingly important role in our understanding of the mechanisms of attention. This paper focused on studies of specific(More)
To restrain the error of inertial navigation system (INS), gravity-aided navigation system is introduced. The principle of gravity-aided navigation system is expatiated. By using Kalman Filter, error correcting of inertial navigation system comes true. Extended Kalman Filter (EKF) model is derived, and a method of gravity filed linearization is given. Based(More)
To analyze the relationship between referenced gravity map and location precision in gravity-aided navigation, this paper analyzes the characteristics of gravity map using the method of mathematics. According to the research on the navigability of different areas, we select the more suitable area for realizing high-precision navigation. The effect on the(More)
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