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As a special type of mobile Ad hoc network, VANET has increasingly become an attractive technology in terms of safety driving and comfortable network services provided to vehicular users. However, high mobility of vehicular nodes in VANET makes network topology changing frequently, and this makes route unavailability and causes high data packet loss.(More)
In this paper, we present a modified position-based routing scheme called Intersection Dispatch-based VANET Routing(IDVR) protocol focusing on the needs of in-time information delivery and emergency message dissemination in urban scenarios. There are two primary contributions to enhancing VANET performance in our algorith. First, a fixed node located at an(More)
The current statistical model is one of most effective method for maneuvering target tracking. It's the mean acceleration model and it reflects the variation of target's maneuvering rang and the intensity more practically . However, the frequency of maneuvering α , which represents the variation of target maneuvering, needs to be predefined and it(More)
It is the challenging issue to find a reliable and efficient routing path in intermittent VANET due to high vehicle mobility and frequent link breakage. Network connectivity is the key factor as it greatly affects the VANET performance. Motivated by this, an intersection dispatch-based VANET protocol with parked vehicles forwarding mechanism (IDVR-PFM) was(More)
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