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Despite the many successes of mass spectrometry in the analysis of biological samples, the need to better understand the correlation between condensed-phase properties and those of electrospray species remains. In particular, the link between structures in the condensed phase and in the gaseous environment of the mass spectrometer is still elusive. Here, we(More)
2',7'-Dichloro- and 2',7'-difluorofluoresceins are superior alternatives to underivatized fluorescein. Although several studies characterizing their condensed-phase photophysical properties have been reported, little is known about their intrinsic characteristics. Here, the gas-phase properties of three charge states of each fluorescein are characterized(More)
with the rapid development of international strategy of nuclear power enterprises in China, the IT department in nuclear power enterprises has been facing the new challenges with high-speed development of businesses. In order to satisfy the development requirements and provide powerful IT service during the production and operation, IT department had(More)
Fluorescein (FL) and its derivative 2',7'-dichlorofluoroescein (DCF) are well-known fluorescent dyes used in many biological and biochemical applications. Although extensive studies have been carried out to investigate their chemical and photophysical properties in different solvent media, little is known about their intrinsic behaviors in the gas phase.(More)
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