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The job scheduling technology is an effective way to achieve resource sharing and to improve computational efficiency. Scheduling problem has been proved to be NP-complete problems, Particle Swarm Optimization (PSO) algorithm has demonstrated outstanding performance in solving such issues. In cognizance of the characteristics of cluster scheduling problem,(More)
Multidisciplinary design optimization (MDO) is a useful technique on complex product design in recent years. Collaborative optimization (CO) is an effective MDO methods based decomposition which is for deterministic optimization. However, many uncertainties exist in product design such as model error and design variables error. And the propagation of(More)
To characterize the influence of decision makers' psychological factors on the group decision process, this paper develops a new class of aggregation operators based on reference-dependent utility functions (RUs) in multi-attribute group decision analysis. We consider two types of RUs: S-shaped, representing decision makers who are risk-seeking for relative(More)
Functional-structural plant modeling (FSPM) represents plant growth and development faithful to biology. After having established the functional-structural connection via allometry, the pattern of biomass allocation among individual organs is essential for FSPM. Currently the organ level allocation is based on mathematical equations, lacking detailed(More)
To depict the influence of decision makers' risk psychology on the interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy multi-criteria decision-making process, this paper proposes a new method based on prospect theory. Considering the risk attitude of the decision maker, we transform interval-valued intuitionistic fuzzy numbers into real numbers via a prospect value(More)