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Layered Bi2Se3 nanoplate/polyvinylidene fluoride composite based n-type thermoelectric fabrics.
In this study, we report the fabrication of n-type flexible thermoelectric fabrics using layered Bi2Se3 nanoplate/polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) composites as the thermoelectric material. TheseExpand
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Facile fabrication of urchin-like hollow boehmite and alumina microspheres with a hierarchical structure via Triton X-100 assisted hydrothermal synthesis
Hierarchically organized urchin-like hollow boehmite and alumina microspheres were successfully synthesized via a facile tert-octyl-phenyl polyoxyethylene ether (Triton X-100) assisted hydrothermalExpand
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The enhanced electrocatalytic activity of graphene co-doped with chlorine and fluorine atoms
Abstract Graphene co-doped with fluorine and chlorine heteroatoms was prepared through a one-step synthesis and was investigated as the oxygen reduction electrocatalysts. Voltammetric measurementsExpand
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Cogeneration of H2O2 and OH via a novel Fe3O4/MWCNTs composite cathode in a dual-compartment electro-Fenton membrane reactor
Abstract A dual-compartment electro-Fenton (EF) membrane reactor coupled with a high-catalytic efficiency gas diffusion electrode (GDE) was developed, which can simultaneously produce H2O2 and OH inExpand
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Effects of replacing thiophene with 5,5-dimethylcyclopentadiene in alternating poly(phenylene), poly(3-hexylthiophene), and poly(fluorene) copolymer derivatives
Poly(phenylene), poly(3-hexylthiophene), and poly(fluorene)-based copolymers bearing alternating thiophene (PPT, P3HTT, and PFT) and 5,5-dimethylcyclopentadiene co-repeat units (PPCp, P3HTCp, PFCp)Expand
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Graphene Quantum Dots Supported by Graphene Nanoribbons with Ultrahigh Electrocatalytic Performance for Oxygen Reduction.
A new class of oxygen reduction reaction (ORR) catalysts based on graphene quantum dots (GQDs) supported by graphene nanoribbons (GNRs) has been developed through a one-step simultaneous reductionExpand
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Chemical Welding on Semimetallic TiS2 Nanosheets for High-Performance Flexible n-Type Thermoelectric Films.
Solution-based processing of two-dimensional (2D) materials provides the possibility of allowing these materials to be incorporated into large-area thin films, which can translate the interestingExpand
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Facile synthesis of pure phase γ-AlOOH and γ-Al2O3 nanofibers in a recoverable ionic liquid via a low temperature route
Mesoporous γ-AlOOH and γ-Al2O3 with fibrous morphology were successfully synthesized by an ionic liquid ([OMim]Br) assisted low temperature precipitation method using aluminum nitrate and ammonia asExpand
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Hydrazine-Free Surface Modification of CZTSe Nanocrystals with All-Inorganic Ligand
The optoelectronic properties of semiconductor nanoparticles (NPs) depend sensitively on their surface ligands. However, introducing certain organic ligands to the solution-synthesized CZTSe NPsExpand
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Generation of Monodisperse Submicron Water-in-Diesel Emulsions via a Hydrophobic MXene-Modified Ceramic Membrane
Ceramic membranes for emulsification are generally fabricated by particle stacking. As a result, their small adjacent pore distances and hydrophilicity cause water droplets to coalesce when prepari...