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The grass carp is an important farmed fish, accounting for ∼16% of global freshwater aquaculture, and has a vegetarian diet. Here we report a 0.9-Gb draft genome of a gynogenetic female adult and a 1.07-Gb genome of a wild male adult. Genome annotation identified 27,263 protein-coding gene models in the female genome. A total of 114 scaffolds consisting of(More)
Zebrafish possess a remarkable ability to regenerate complicated structures by formation of a mass of undifferentiated mesenchymal cells called blastema. To understand how the blastema retains the original structural form, we investigate cellular transitions and transcriptional characteristics of cell identity genes during all stages of regeneration of an(More)
In this paper, LiFePO₄ samples were synthesized in the water/ethanol mixture solvent environment with different volume ratio of water/ethanol, and the effects of different solvent environment (different water/ethanol ratio) on the morphology, the crystal structure and the cell performances were studied in detail. The prepared samples were investigated(More)
Periplaneta fuliginosa densovirus (PfDNV) is a single-stranded DNA virus, belonging to Densovirinae subfamily, Parvoviridae family. Parvovirus nonstructural protein 1 (NS1) contains various activities required for parvoviral DNA replication, like endonuclease, helicase and ATPase, which are regulated by serine/threonine phosphorylation. However, for PfDNV,(More)
Yaping Wang, Ying Lu, Yong Zhang, Zemin Ning, Yan Li, Qiang Zhao, Hengyun Lu, Rong Huang, Xiaoqin Xia, Qi Feng, Xufang Liang, Kunyan Liu, Lei Zhang, Tingting Lu, Tao Huang, Danlin Fan, Qijun Weng, Chuanrang Zhu, Yiqi Lu, Wenjun Li, Ziruo Wen, Congcong Zhou, Qilin Tian, Xiaojun Kang, Mijuan Shi, Wanting Zhang, Songhun Jang, Fukuan Du, Shan He, Lanjie Liao,(More)
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