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Effects of both membrane and sludge foulant surface zeta potentials on interfacial interactions between membrane and sludge foulant in different interaction scenarios were systematically investigated based on thermodynamic methods. Under conditions in this study, it was found that zeta potential had marginal effects on total interfacial interaction between(More)
As a common delivery model in cloud computing, SaaS applications are becoming increasingly popular. With the increasing of user's individual and diverse requirements, multi-tenancy has been the main delivery model for SaaS applications in future. Meanwhile, in order to adapt to the complex application development, application components had become(More)
service Figure 1. The Architecture of MultiGranular The architecture of MultiGranular is shown in Figure 1. In order to respond to the complexity of multi-tenant service composition in cloud computing, we give the corresponding solving strategies: Hierarchy. Considering from similar, correlation and aggregation relationships of the granularity among(More)
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