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This study explored white matter abnormalities in a group of Chinese children with high functioning autism (HFA). Twelve male children with HFA and ten matched typically developing children underwent diffusion tensor imaging (DTI) as well three-dimensional T1-weighted MRI for voxel-based morphometry (VBM). We found a significant decrease of the white matter(More)
Earlier studies have suggested abnormal brain volumes in autism, but inconsistencies exist. Using voxel-based morphometry, we compared global and regional brain volumes in 17 high-functioning autistic children with 15 matched controls. We identified significant reduction in left white matter volume and white/gray matter ratio in autism. Regional brain(More)
Suspended sediment concentration (SSC) is one of the most important water quality parameters. After corrected by 6S atmospheric model, the spectral profiles of water reflectivity of ASTER data are analyzed. There is greater difference in spectral visible and near-infrared bands than that in spectral short wave infrared bands. The higher SSC is, the larger(More)
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