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The wavelet neural network (WNN) was used to predict the programmed-temperature retention values of naphthas. In WNN, a Morlet mother wavelet was used as a transfer function, and the convergence speed was faster than other neural networks. Sixty-four compounds (selected randomly from 94) were used as a training set, and the 30 remaining compounds were used(More)
In order to represent 3D GIS spatial entity effectively, a hybrid data structure model called BOT model (block octree tetrahedron model) is presented on the basis of geological block model, which combines octree and tetrahedral network (TEN) structures. With BOT generation algorithm, the block model is redivided with octree as general shape description and(More)
In order to solve the manufacturing time series forecasting problem, a grey support vector machines (GSVM) with differential evolution algorithms is proposed. GM (1, N) model of grey system is used to add a grey layer before neural input layer and white layer after support vector machine layer. Differential evolution (DE) algorithm is used to determine free(More)
K-means algorithm is widely used in spatial clustering. It takes the mean value of each cluster centroid as the Heuristic information, so it has some disadvantages:  sensitive to the initial centroid and instability. The improved clustering algorithm referred to the best clustering centriod which is searched during the optimization of clustering(More)
In order to organize and manage 3D GIS spatial data effectively, and represent 3D spatial entity integrally, a new simulation modeling algorithm is put forward, which combines data structures of constrained TIN and CSG. In this algorithm, TIN model is used to represent terrain and CSG model is used to represent buildings. The two simulation models are(More)
Considering making a region to achieve the sustainable utilization of natural resources, the sustainable improvement of ecological environment, and the sustainable development of economy, this paper builds a multi-objective optimization model of industrial scale structure based on the bearing capacity of regional natural resources and environment. And this(More)
This article proposes the concept of complete identity theft, which is possible in the time of electronic commerce of biometric identification. Through the analysis of existing level of identification and its characteristics, this article proposes that there should be the relevant emergency response plan for electronic commerce of biometric identification,(More)
Urban roadway contributing much to the runoff and non-point source pollution in modern cities is one of the key objectives when conducting stormwater management in Sponge City construction, which was recently launched by Chinese government. In the present case study, Qinhuang Avenue ( $$\hbox {length}\times \hbox {width}=2.4\,\hbox {km}\times 80~\hbox {m}$$(More)