Huifeng Wu

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Metabolomic analysis of tissue samples can be applied across multiple fields including medicine, toxicology, and environmental sciences. A thorough evaluation of several metabolite extraction procedures from tissues is therefore warranted. This has been achieved at two research laboratories using muscle and liver tissues from fish. Multiple replicates of(More)
The acquisition and analysis of datasets including multi-level omics and physiology from non-model species, sampled from field populations, is a formidable challenge, which so far has prevented the application of systems biology approaches. If successful, these could contribute enormously to improving our understanding of how populations of living organisms(More)
Molecular responses to acute toxicant exposure can be effective biomarkers, however responses to chronic exposure are less well characterised. The aim of this study was to determine chronic molecular responses to environmental mixtures in a controlled laboratory setting, free from the additional variability encountered with environmental sampling of wild(More)
This paper presents an improved C-means clustering algorithm based on ACO. The proposed method use pheromone to evaluate individual colony's iterative result. In contrast with the existing C-means clustering algorithm, method in the paper need not appoint the number and pre-centers of clusters beforehand and it updates pheromone according to the transfer(More)
With the development of economic and technology, the social division of labor intensifies. Workers always need to work together to fulfill a task. Especially in some networked organizations and virtual organizations, employees scatter all over the world. So how to make them work collaboratively becomes more and more important. The goal of CSCW is to solve(More)
BACKGROUND To investigate feasibility and safety of treating simple parapelvic renal cysts using flexible ureteroscopy with the Holmium laser. METHODS Between February 2010 and July 2013, a total of 21 patients, aging from 29 to 71 (49.00 ± 13.23), were diagnosed with parapelvic renal cysts by ultrasonography in combination with contrast-enhanced computer(More)
In this article we introduced cross-platform supported technique for embedded software generation. We propose a two-layer model for design and execution of such embedded systems with the aim of crossing platform for decreasing the complexity in system migration. The virtual SoC and engine are used to efficiently cope with different hardware platforms. The(More)
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