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cAMP response element binding protein (CREB) signaling is involved in the heroin reward, but whether the CREB signaling is involved in the incubation of heroin-seeking remains unknown. Here we aim to explore the expression of p-CREB and the p-ERK, an upstream molecular of CREB, in the nucleus accumbens (NAc) in the incubation of heroin-seeking induced by(More)
Time delay due to maturation time, capturing time or other reasons widely exists in biological systems. In this paper, a predator-prey system of Leslie type with diffusion and time delay is studied based on mathematical analysis and numerical simulations. Conditions for both delay induced and diffusion induced Turing instability are obtained by using(More)
Land use conversion and fertilization have been widely reported to be important managements affecting the exchanges of greenhouse gases between soil and atmosphere. For comprehensive assessment of methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O) fluxes from hilly red soil induced by land use conversion and fertilization, a 14-month continuous field measurement was(More)
Land-use conversion and fertilization have been widely reported as important management practices affecting CH4 and N2O fluxes; however, few long-term in situ measurements are available after land-use conversion from rice paddies to upland cultivation, especially those including the initial stages after conversion. A 3-year field experiment was conducted in(More)
A setup of satellite ranging based on phsical random sequence is demonstrated, which has absolute security in information transmission because of the random property of the physical sequence. Using true random sequence replacing pesudo random sequence, synchronization technology is vital important for transmitted information demodulation, despreading and(More)
The novel Cr-containing low alloy steels have exhibited good corrosion resistance in CO₂ environment, mainly owing to the formation of Cr-enriched corrosion film. In order to evaluate whether it is applicable to the CO₂ and H₂S coexistence conditions, the corrosion behavior of low-chromium steels in CO₂-H₂S environment with high pressure and high(More)
Activation of presynaptic group II metabotropic glutamate receptors (mGluR2/3) inhibits drug reward and drug-seeking behavior, but the role of N-acetylaspartylglutamate (NAAG), an agonist of endogenous mGluR2/3, in heroin reward and heroin-seeking behavior remained unclear. Here, we aimed to explore the effects of exogenous NAAG on heroin(More)
Studying contents and seasonal dynamics of active organic carbon in the soil is an important method for revealing the turnover and regulation mechanism of soil carbon pool. Through 3 years of field sampling and lab analysis, we studied the seasonal variations, content differences, and interrelationships of total organic carbon (TOC), light fraction organic(More)
BACKGROUND/AIMS An adequate model to study liver regeneration in humans is presently unavailable. We explored the feasibility of studying liver regeneration in a genetically similar species to man, the non-human primate Rhesus macaque. METHODS Five animals were studied; two underwent 60% hepatectomy, one underwent 30% hepatectomy, and cholecystectomy(More)
An optimal biochemical marker for addiction would be some easily traced molecules in body specimens, which indicates indulgent addictive behaviors, or susceptibility to certain addictive stimuli. In this chapter, we discussed existing literature about possible biomarkers, and classified them into three categories: origin forms and metabolites of substances,(More)