Huifeng Chen

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The Modular Multilevel Converter (MMC) based VSC HVDC is an increasingly popular technology worldwide for both engineering installation and academic research purposes over the years. A submodule serves as the basic unit for the MMC, and the typical topology of a submodule is a half bridge configuration. Normally, controllable power devices are used for(More)
This paper presents a novel real-time power-device temperature estimation method that monitors the power MOSFET's junction temperature shift arising from thermal aging effects and incorporates the updated electrothermal models of power modules into digital controllers. Currently, the real-time estimator is emerging as an important tool for active control of(More)
Synchronous reluctance motors (SynRMs) are gaining in popularity in industrial drives due to their permanent magnet-free, competitive performance, and robust features. This paper studies the power losses in a 90-kW converter-fed SynRM drive by a calorimetric method in comparison of the traditional input-output method. After the converter and the motor were(More)
The determination of the power losses in the high-efficiency electric motors with distorted voltage and current waveforms is technically challenging and thus an alternative using the calorimetric measurement systems is gaining in popularity. Different types of calorimetric systems with their pros and cons have been proposed in the literature but they are(More)
For the high-voltage direct-current (HVDC) power transmission system of offshore wind power, dc/dc converters are the potential solution to collect the power generated by off-shore wind farms to HVDC terminals. The converters operate with high-voltage gain, high efficiency, and fault tolerance over a wide range of operating conditions. In this paper, an(More)
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