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Patterns of corrective feedback in a task-based adult EFL classroom setting in China
This chapter reports on a study that investigated patterns of corrective feedback observed in teacher - student and student - student interaction in a task-based EFL class at a medium-sizedExpand
Recasts and output-only prompts, individual learner factors and short-term EFL learning
This study investigated the effects of recasts and output-only prompts (i.e., clarification requests, elicitations, and repetitions) on short-term EFL learning regarding three learner factors: learner level, language anxiety, and orientation to correction. Expand
The role of recasts and negotiated prompts in an FL learning context in China with non-English major university students
This quasi-experimental classroom study examines the effects of recasts and negotiated prompts on oral interactions in a foreign language (FL) context where the instructional approach primarilyExpand
Recasts and Negotiated Prompts: How do Chinese L2 Learners Perceive Them?:
Two types of corrective feedback, recasts and prompts, have sparked much research in second language (L2) learning and teaching. However, it is still unclear how these two types of feedback draw le...
Recasts and negotiated prompts: A counterbalanced approach?
Abstract This thesis examines the roles of two types of corrective feedback in second language (L2) learning: recasts and negotiated prompts. Two research questions are addressed: RQ1) which type ofExpand
Development of English question formation in the EFL context of China: recasts or prompts?
This experimental classroom study investigates the effects of two feedback types on English question formation. Ninety Chinese learners were randomly assigned to either one of two experimental groupsExpand