Huifang Kong

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 Abstract—According to the design procedure of fault self-diagnosis system and features of automatic transmission system, the list of relation and mapping between fault symptoms and fault causes are made in this paper. Applying the approach of fault self-diagnosis based on fuzzy neural network, fault diagnosis of the automatic transmission electronic(More)
Fuzzy reasoning of driverpsilas intention and vehiclepsilas driving environment on AMT (automated mechanical transmission) vehicles is discussed. The on-line reasoning optimal shifting strategy was realized by means of Motorola single-chip computerpsilas characteristics and fuzzy control instructions. The advantages include fewer MCU memory, faster(More)
The starting control of AMT vehicle clutches is complicated with multi-influence factors, multi-parameters and multi-objectives. By selecting various control parameters at different stages of the clutch jointing, a fuzzy control method was adopted to resolve the complexity and the uncertainty. Also, control matching between the clutch and the engine was(More)
Future Wavelength-Division Multiplexing (WDM) networks should not only support flexible resource-provisioning, but also transport various services with regulated end-to-end delay. In large-scale backbone networks with dynamic lightpath provisioning, the resource reservation overhead is high due to the latencies involved, thus limiting the capability of(More)
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