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In this tutorial paper, we introduce the fractional order calculus and fractional order control with possible applications in biomimetic actuator control. Since purely analog type fractional order integrator can be made with certain biomimetic materials or intelligent materials in general, it is natural to advocate the concept of "intelligent control of(More)
This paper focuses on the state-periodic adaptive compensation of cogging and Coulomb friction for permanent magnet linear motors (PMLM) executing a task repeatedly. The cogging force is considered as a position dependent disturbance and the considered Coulomb friction is non-Lipschitz at zero velocity. The key idea of our disturbance compensation method is(More)
—In this paper, with a modest amount of modeling effort, a feedback–feedforward control structure is proposed for precision motion control of a permanent magnet linear motor (PMLM) for applications which are inherently repetitive in terms of the motion trajectories. First, a proportional integral derivative (PID) feedback controller is designed using a(More)
A simple microprocessor controlled mini-electrochemical (EC) instrument integrating with square wave voltammetry (SWV) was designed and fabricated. Direct digital frequency synthesizer (DDFS) was exploited in the circuit design to generate a linear and very low frequency scanning waveform for SWV. An ultra-low bias current, a high performance operational(More)
An iterative learning controller (ILC) is proposed for the tracking control of functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) system performing the given task repeatedly. A P-type ILC updating law assisted by PD closed-loop controller is suggested for a simpler implementation. This kind of learning from repetitions control strategy supplies strong robustness in(More)
High-order discrete-time P-type iterative learning controller (ILC) is proposed for the robust tracking control of the functional neuromuscular stimulation (FNS) systems, i.e., control of the electrical stimulation of human limb which is out of control of Central Nerve Systems (CNS) but required to perform a given task repeatedly. Control input saturation,(More)
In this paper, we have developed a lightweight and cost-efficient multispectral imager payload for low cost fixed wing UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles) that need no runway for takeoff and landing. The imager is band-reconfigurable, covering both visual (RGB) and near infrared (NIR) spectrum. The number of the RGB and NIR sensors is scalable, depending on the(More)
This work concentrates on the topic of remote sensing using a multispectral imaging system for water management and agriculture applications. The platform, which is a lightweight inexpensive runway-free unmanned aerial vehicle (UAV), namely, AggieAir, is presented initially. A major portion of this work focuses on the development of a lightweight(More)
This thesis presents a new practical tuning method for fractional order proportional and integral controllers (FO-PI/PI α) for the first order plus delay time (FOPDT) class of systems. The tuning is optimal in the sense that the load disturbance rejection is optimized yet with a constraint on the maximum sensitivity. A generalized MIGO(M s constrained(More)