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AIM To study in vitro release and in vivo effect of four different types of sustained-release naltrexone microspheres on morphine analgesia. METHODS Release of naltrexone from four types of biodegradable microspheres was investigated by HPLC. Their antagonist effects on morphine analgesia were observed using mouse hot-plate procedure. RESULTS Poly(More)
  • H M Hou, H E Li, M Gao, H Wang, C Jiao, X P Wang
  • 2013
Using rapid amplification of cDNA ends, a full-length cDNA sequence of a GDP-L-galactose phosphorylase-like gene was isolated from leaves infected by Erysiphe necator in the Chinese wild (Vitis pseudoreticulata) clone, 'Baihe-35-1', an E. necator-resistant genotype. The full-length cDNA, designated as VpVTC, comprised 1943 bp and putatively encodes a(More)
BACKGROUND Orthodontic management of an ectopically erupted canine requires substantial amount of bodily movement which is difficult to perform and often results in root resorption. CASE PRESENTATION A 9 year old girl presented with Class I malocclusion with crowding and ectopically positioned upper left canine (23). Treatment involved extraction of all(More)
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