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A soft orthotic with position control enabled via embedded optical fiber is presented. The design, manufacture, and integration of both the pneumatically powered actuators and optical sensors are described. This orthotic actuator-sensor pair is self-contained and worn on a human finger. When un-powered, the elastomeric actuator allows facile movement and,(More)
Open-celled, elastomeric foams allow the simple design of fully 3D pneumatic soft machines using common forming techniques. This is demonstrated through the fabrication of simple actuators and an entirely soft, functional fluid pump formed in the shape of the human heart. The device pumps at physiologically relevant frequencies and pressures and attains a(More)
An intrinsically soft and stretchable multicolor display and touch interface is reported. Red, green, and blue pixels are formed separately by photopatterning transition-metal-doped ZnS embedded in silicone gels and transfer printing onto an elastomeric dielectric sheet. The device shows stable illumination while being stretched up to 200% area strain or(More)
Human fingers and hands are frequently injured because they are delicate, complex, and used constantly. More than 3 million people in the United States suffer from hand or forearm disabilities [1], and, worldwide, hand injuries account for one-third of all work injuries [2]. Due to the importance of hands and the prevalence of hand issues, there is an(More)
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