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We reported the optical and wettability properties of aligned zinc oxide micro/nanotube arrays, which were synthesized on zinc foil via a simple hydrothermal method. As-synthesized ZnO micro/nanotubes have uniform growth directions along the [0001] orientations with diameters in the range of 100-700 nm. These micro/nanotubes showed a strong emission peak at(More)
A polynomial transformation technique is used to obtain a model for a dual-rate nonlinear system in which the output sampling interval is an integer multiple of the control interval. Based on this model, a self-tuning control algorithm is presented by minimizing output tracking error criteria from directly the dual-rate measurement data. The selftuning(More)
This paper presents a decomposition based least squares (i.e., two-stage least squares) iterative parameter estimation algorithm for controlled autoregressive autoregressive moving average systems by combining the iterative technique and the decomposition technique. After decomposing the identification model, we obtain two subsystems, one including the(More)