Huibin Zhao

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BACKGROUND Overexpression of Fra-1 in fibroblasts causes anchorage-independent cell growth and oncogenic transformation. A high level of Fra-1 expression is found in various tumors and tumorigenic cell lines, suggesting that Fra-1 may be involved in malignant progression. This study aimed to investigate the significance of Fra-1 expression in breast(More)
Entities in engineering design databases need to evolve in both structure and behavior. Such a need is not well addressed by object-oriented data models based on the class concept. On the contrary, models that are based on the prototype concept allow dynamic object evolution but they do not have the abilities for object classification and strong typing(More)
Many studies in recent years have focused on surface engineering of implant materials in order to improve their biocompatibility and other performance. Porous tantalum implants have increasingly been used in implant surgeries, due to their biocompatibility, physical stability, and good mechanical strength. In this study we functionalized the porous tantalum(More)
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