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Plant cytochrome P450 is a key enzyme responsible for the herbicide resistance but the molecular basis of the mechanism is unclear. To understand this, four typical plant P450s and a widely resistant herbicide chlortoluron were analysed by carrying out homology modelling, molecular docking, molecular dynamics simulations and binding free energy analysis.(More)
As one potent plant protease inhibitor, potato carboxypeptidase inhibitor (PCI) can competitively inhibit insect digestive metallocarboxypeptidases (MCPs) through interfering with its digestive system that causes amino acid deficiencies and leading to serious developmental delay and mortality. However, this effective biological pest control is significantly(More)
Self-balancing control is the basis for applications of two-wheeled robots. In order to improve the self-balancing of two-wheeled robots, we propose a hierarchical reinforcement learning algorithm for controlling the balance of two-wheeled robots. After describing the subgoals of hierarchical reinforcement learning, we extract features for subgoals, define(More)
Medical implantable stainless steels are widely used in medical field due to their excellent properties, besides its allergic response to human body, the nickel ion released from the steels due to corrosion has the harm of malformation and carcingenesis. The mechanical property, corrosion resistance and blood compatibility of a new nickel-free stainless(More)
In this paper, fault diagnosis approach to rolling bearing based on wavelet packet transform and support vector machine is proposed. At first, feature vectors are extracted from the non-stationary vibration signals by means of wavelet packet transform. Then support sector sachine algorithm is used to fault identification and classification of rolling(More)
Prefabrication construction heavily relies on the efficiency and effectiveness of transportation since all the precast components must be delivered from prefabrication production manufacturers to construction sites for final assembly. Aiming at improving the operations and decision-making processes during prefabrication transportation, this paper proposes a(More)
Selective inhibition of function-specific β-GlcNAcase has great potential in terms of drug design and biological research. The symmetrical bis-naphthalimide M-31850 was previously obtained by screening for specificity against human glycoconjugate-lytic β-GlcNAcase. Using protein-ligand co-crystallization and molecular docking, we designed an unsymmetrical(More)
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