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As a fundamental problem in image processing, image deblurring has still attracted a lot of research attention. Due to the large computational cost, especially for high-resolution images, it becomes challenging to solve the deblurring minimization problem and the underlying partial differential equations. The domain decomposition method (DD), as one of the(More)
An interactive surgical simulation system needs to meet three main requirements, speed, accuracy, and stability. In this paper, we present a stable and accurate method for animating mass-spring systems in real time. An integration scheme derived from explicit integration is used to obtain interactive realistic animation for a multiobject environment. We(More)
We propose a new variant of the Mumford-Shah model for simultaneous bias correction and segmentation of images with intensity inhomogeneity. First, based on the model of images with intensity inhomogeneity, we introduce an L0 gradient regularizer to model the true intensity and a smooth regularizer to model the bias field. In addition, we derive a new data(More)