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The link-type shape shifting modular robot permits high mobility under unstructured environment for their continuously driving and redundancy. The objective of this work is to enhance the flexibility of the primary shape shifting robot through transformation technique improvement, especially in the robot's torque and current reduction. The improved(More)
The static coupling of multi-axis force sensor is a major influencing factor to its measuring precision. Aiming at resolving the disadvantages such as low decoupling precision of the traditional method, we put forward a linear decoupling method based on neural network. Firstly, this paper analyzes the reasons why coupling exists in the multi-axis force(More)
This paper presents a pneumatic design on the Intelligent Air Transfer System (IATS) which will lead to realistic and extended applications as well as the technical means to transfer cask system over 30 tons in the fusion nuclear environment. Air bearings, as the core of the pneumatic drive, could be adaptively controlled for attitudes of the IATS with(More)
Conductive rubber material has been widely investigated as a sensor and transducer material due to its high piezoresistive, conductive properties. In this paper, we report on a flexible tactile sensor which is based on conductive rubber filled with carbon black. Firstly, a physical model related linear elasticity mechanics and franklinic analogue method is(More)
The Transfer Equipment Cask (TECA) is a key solution for Remote Handling (RH), and the bidirectional sealing door system (BSD) is the key component of the TECA. The control system of BSD is introduced in this paper. Moreover, the experiment on TECA indicates that the design of control system is feasible and the effect is satisfactory.
In this paper, a novel method was proposed, which could realize brain-computer interface by means of distinguishing two different imaginary tasks of relaxation-meditation and tension-imagination based on Electroencephalogram (EEG) signal. When subjects performed the task of relaxation-meditation or tension-imagination, the output EEG signals of the subjects(More)
Wheeled mobile robot control method based on SVM algorithm and nonlinear control laws is discussed in this paper. The control system includes two parts: nonlinear controller and SVM controller. Nonlinear controller's primary role is to obtain the desired velocity which can make the kinematics stable, SVM controller's primary role is to optimize the control(More)
We present a multi-sensors system adopted in an intelligent robotic hand that works in underwater environment. Four kinds of different sensors, force sensor, image sensor, ultrasonic sensor and hall sensor, are adopted in this system. Among them, information gained by force sensors formed a closed loop together with the control variables in the system,(More)
In this paper, an information acquisition system based on a kind of attitude sensor is presented, which can analyze the technique characteristics of freestyle skiing aerials. The system consists of four modules and can acquire the kinematical parameters such as acceleration, angular velocity in time; also we can get other parameters through designed(More)
The basic requirement of TCMM manipulation is to be durable, strong, uniform and soft, but it lacks accurate, intuitive and quantitative representation, let alone the effective evaluation of massage manipulation with more experienced physiotherapist. Aiming at the above problems, this paper puts forward an information acquisition system based on the(More)