Huibai Wang

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Combining with virtual reality technology, we establish the multi-user virtual campus roaming system using Lyinux engine, realize interactive roaming, panoramic navigation and real-time chatting. This paper focuses on improving rendering speed of virtual scene and implementing the synchronization between multi-users. The experiment result shows that this(More)
With the widely used of augmented reality, we designed a remote chess game system based on augmented reality. It has the potential significance. The system can make two people both living in different places to play chess as they are playing face to face and can communicate with each other. In this paper, we make an introduction to the recognition and the(More)
The rendering algorithm for low-frequency environment lighting, when applied in virtual object rendering, has limitations such as low accuracy. In this paper, we propose an efficient all-frequency environment rendering method based on the triple product wavelet integrals framework, which use radiance measuring the environment lighting intensity. In the(More)
In this paper, we implement a new interaction method for the application of augmented reality using ARToolKit and OpenCV SDK. First, on the basis of the exiting marker-based tracking system, this paper achieved the multi-marker tracking that solved the tracking failure problem when the single marker is partially occluded, which greatly improves the(More)
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