Huibai Wang

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The objective of this report is to identify representations and issues for the generic assembly information model and its use in a proactive tolerance synthesis scheme. It is proposed to use the small displacement torsors (the screw parameters) as a mathematical tool for analyzing the causal relationship between variations in parts' shapes and sizes (due to(More)
Traditionally tolerances for manufactured parts are specified using symbolic schemes as per AMSE or ISO standards. For using these tolerance specifications in computerized tolerance synthesis and analysis, we need information model to represent the tolerances. Tolerance specifications could be modeled as a class with its attributes and methods [ROY01]. All(More)
The rendering algorithm for low-frequency environment lighting, when applied in virtual object rendering, has limitations such as low accuracy. In this paper, we propose an efficient all-frequency environment rendering method based on the triple product wavelet integrals framework, which use radiance measuring the environment lighting intensity. In the(More)
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