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BACKGROUND The occurrence of mandibular defects caused by tumors has been continuously increasing in China in recent years. Conversely, results of the repair of mandibular defects affect the recovery of oral function and patient appearance, and the requirements for accuracy and high surgical quality must be more stringent. Digital techniques--including(More)
Our aim was to evaluate the reliability of sternocleidomastoid (SCM) flaps in the reconstruction of defects after oral and maxillofacial resections, and summarise the ways in which morbidity can be reduced. We retrospectively enrolled 65 patients who had malignant tumours resected, and assessed the postoperative viability of the SCM flap. All complications(More)
OBJECTIVE To fabricate bone grafts by bone marrow stromal cell combined with modified PLGA/Type-I collagen compound scaffold using tissue engineering method. METHODS The modified PLGA/Type-I collagen compound scaffold was fabricated. The rabbit primary cultured osteoblasts were identified and seeded onto the modified compound scaffold for one week in(More)
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