Hui-yan Jiang

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This paper presents a new chaos-based image cipher using a plaintext-related permutation. The cat map and Lorenz system are employed to shuffle the positions of image pixels and generate the diffusion keystream, respectively. The control parameters of the cat map, i.e. the permutation key, are determined by the Murmur2 hash value of the original image.(More)
Image registration is a preliminary component in medical image analysis, which can significantly improve radiologists' performance in detecting and characterizing the lesion. In this paper, we propose an efficient feature-based non-rigid registration approach for multiphase liver CT images. The proposed method begins with extracting corners and edges(More)
Chaos-based PN sequence generators are widely investigated recently. Concrete implementation of theses chaos-based generators usually have some problems because any processor or chips are computation precision restricted, which greatly effects the statistical properties of a chaotic PN sequence. This paper proposes a couple chaotic systems based stochastic(More)
Abnormal sintering state is often caused by the changes of improper operation in the sintering process of rotary kiln. If not addressed immediately, control system performance will be deteriorating, and even the crash will be caused. Current approaches of pattern recognition cannot be applied immediately to recognizing such abnormal sintering state of(More)
The increasing utilization of telemedicine, especially the teleradiology services, has raised a great deal of concerns in the security of medical images transmitted over open networks. To meet this challenge, a new medical image protection scheme using hyperchaos-based encryption is suggested in this paper. Improvements have been made to both permutation(More)
The detection performance on the sintering state of the rotary kiln is mostly dependent on the features used in the recognition process. So an optimization approach of sintering feature parameters based on fuzzy support vector machines (SVM) is proposed. This method firstly uses many feature parameters to describe an image, and then reduce some useless(More)
Recently, a number of chaos-based image ciphers with permutation-substitution structure have been suggested. Generally, the permutation and substitution are considered as two independent procedures, and individual chaotic maps or systems are iterated and quantified to produce the keystreams for the two stages. In this paper, we suggest a fast color image(More)
Prediction of new associations between drugs and targeting pathways can provide valuable clues for drug discovery & development. However, information integration and a class-imbalance problem are important challenges for available prediction methods. This paper proposes a prediction of potential associations between drugs and pathways based on a(More)
In this paper, the chaotic dynamical properties of Internet traffic are analyzed based on the self-similarity characteristic of it. The phase space of the traffic time serials is reconstructed and the correlation dimension is analyzed, which indicate that the dynamical system has finite degree of freedom and a positive maximum Lyapunov exponent. The chaotic(More)